TaiRx presents CVM-1118 Phase I Clinical Trial Progress at ASCO


TaiRx, Inc. (6580) publishes its Phase I clinical trial result in the United States and Taiwan on CVM-1118, a new cancer drug, at this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting on June 5th, 2017 at Chicago.

ASCO is the leading research institute in the world for cancer research. The annual meeting hosted by ASCO is also an international focal point every year. Research institutes around the world participate in ASCO to publish their research result. Global pharmaceutical companies also attend the meeting to approach potential candidates with collaboration or merger opportunity. TaiRx’s publication at ASCO will increase its exposure on a global scale and would be beneficial in the future for its search for international collaboration or out-licensing opportunity.

CVM-1118 is a new generation of small molecule cancer drug with multiple targeting mechanisms and a unique anti-VM formation mechanism as its core advantage. It can be used to prevent cancer cell metastasis and will become the focus of global pharmaceutical companies in the future. After CVM-1118 received its FDA approval in 2015 to initiate clinical trial, two sites were opened in Michigan and Texas. Immediately following its Taiwan FDA approval, another site at National Cheng Kung University Hospital was also opened for Asian population. This allows simultaneous testing for its pharmacokinetic and safety studies in both Asians and Caucasians. Currently, Phase I trial has recruited 36 patients and is nearing its end.

According to the Phase clinical data, CVM-1118 has initially proved its safety and efficacy. TaiRx will continue the development of CVM-1118. A Phase II multi-nation, multi-center clinical trial used in combination with other cancer drug to obtain Proof of Concept is planned. Then CVM-1118 will be out-licensed to global big pharma to continue its Phase III development, NDA, and sales and marketing.