CVM-1118 IND approved by the US FDA to initiate Phase I clinical study in US.


CVM-1118 from TaiRx, Inc. receives US FDA approval to initiate Phase I clinical study. TaiRx’s IND application received its approval in 30 days without giving the biotech in Taiwan a much needed boost proving Taiwan’s innovation and research capability.

CVM-1118 is the innovative result of Taiwan academia and industry collaboration. After licensing the compound from China Medical University in 2011, TaiRx started its pre-clinical research and development. CVM-1118 has successfully obtained patents around the world including the United States and Europe, which covers its synthesis, therapeutic effect, and other inventions. Our goal is to penetrate the global market for cancer treatment.

According to pre-clinical results, CVM-1118 showed remarkable results in animal studies with potent anti-cancer property and high safety margin. It also possesses multiple targeting mechanisms and an unique anti-VM formation mechanism as its core advantage, allowing the prevention of cancer cell metastasis. There is no other drug on the market currently with this mechanism.

CVM-1118 is projected to obtain Proof of Concept within 3 to 4 years which will then be out-licensed to a global pharmaceutical company for Phase III development, NDA approval, and sales and marketing.

TaiRx will continue its effort to innovate and focus on the health and well-being of the human race.