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SelenOne®, in the form of sodium selenite, is a scientifically and clinically proven selenium ingredient in maintaining human health. It is not only approved by Taiwan FDA as a nutritional additive, but also granted the SNQ (Symbol of National Quality) certification for its affirmed safety and quality in 2022. TaiRx provides a valuable choice for Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers to produce selenium-containing nutrition and health care products with SelenOne®.

Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral in soils and various foods. It is also a vital trace element for human body. However, the human body cannot synthesize selenium by itself; it must be obtained from food sources such as meats, seafoods, and plant seeds. SelenOne®, as the first selenium brand in Taiwan, is minerally sourced and manufactured under pharmaceutical grade GMP and strict quality control. The high-purity active sodium selenite is made without any organic catalysts and solvents and meets high-standard international specifications. SelenOne® is strictly inspected to be free of any harmful impurities, microorganisms, heavy metal residues, and allergenicity.

  • Sodium selenite can be effectively absorbed by the human body and quickly converted into selenoproteins that play critical roles in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, DNA synthesis, immune regulation, and protection from oxidative damage and infection. Sodium selenite can be eliminated through urine and breath and thus reduces unnecessary accumulation in the body.
  • SelenOne® complies with both pharmaceutical and food specifications of Taiwan, Japan and Europe. In addition to the food additive certificate issued by Taiwan FDA, TaiRx’s sodium selenite is also listed in the US FDA’s drug master files (DMF) and approved by Taiwan FDA with an API license to produce Zelnite® injection for the treatment of selenium deficiency. Its quality, safety, and efficacy have been recognized by regulatory agencies.
  • Selenium nutrition and health care products are common in advanced countries around the world, but there are only a few raw material suppliers of sodium selenite in the world that meet GMP and both food and pharmaceutical raw material grades. SelenOne® is made to fill the nutritional gap for selenium with an unsurpassed reputation for trust and performance.