TaiRx’s sodium selenite pentahydrate—SelenOne®—earned the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) in 2022 for its affirmed safety and quality for use as a food additive.


In December 2022, TaiRx’s proprietary sodium selenite pentahydrate, with the registered trademark SelenOne®, received the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ). The certification objectives of SNQ are to distinguish health care services and products with guaranteed quality and safety. SelenOne® was recognized for its novelty, long-term stability, and exceptional quality that meet international standards.

TaiRx’s sodium selenite pentahydrate is manufactured by a domestic GMP-certified pharmaceutical CMO. Its high quality and strict specifications are compliant with the European Pharmacopoeia and Taiwan FDA’s drug and food regulations. In addition to being used as an API to produce TaiRx’s intravenous injection Zelnite®, it is approved by Taiwan FDA as a food additive for nutritional health products.

TaiRx is an R&D-based pharmaceutical company, and we also attach great importance to the needs of personal hygiene and preventive health care. TaiRx sincerely welcomes domestic and foreign companies to cooperate in the development of selenium health care products.