TaiRx ranked first in Taiwan for the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the APAC region


World-renowned professional information services company, Clarivate Analytics, released a special report, “Pharmaceutical Innovation in the APAC Region – A Quantitative Company Ranking and Future Outlook”, which explores the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the pharmaceutical industry in the Asia-Pacific region, and companies that are likely to lead the industry in the future. Of the companies, TaiRx stood out in the selection of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the pharmaceutical industry and was ranked as one of the top 100 SMEs, placing 22nd in the APAC region. In particular, TaiRx ranked top 1 of all the four Taiwanese companies that entered the list, demonstrating the company’s research and development strength and promising outlook.

Pharmaceutical industries in the APAC region make a strong contribution to the expansion of the global pharmaceutical market, which will continue to grow in the next few years, with companies developing first-in-class drugs. For the first time, Clarivate Analytics released a report focusing on pharmaceutical industries in the APAC region, specifically fourteen Asia-Pacific countries/regions, where comprehensive data-oriented analyses were conducted on 1,032 companies to measure their level of innovation and development potential. Based on three main indicators: early-stage collaboration, new drug development and maturity, the report uses patent citation databases and evaluation of the quality of research paper publications to analyze innovation qualities at national, regional, and enterprise levels. TaiRx ranked first in overall rating among Taiwanese companies, which also fare better than many pharmaceutical companies in Japan, China and South Korea. TaiRx said that the recognition shows the company’s effort in years’ worth of investment in innovative research and development, which finally achieves technical standards that is on par with the players in the global competition and acknowledges the company’s team efforts and realizing expectations of shareholders.

TaiRx currently has a product (Zelnite®) approved by the TFDA and launched to the market in Taiwan, which treats selenium deficiency resulted from severe diseases, and restores the activity of immune functions. Another product is an add-on therapy for sepsis which has initiated a Phase III clinical trial across seven clinical centers in Taiwan, and more than half of the patients required for the study have been successfully recruited. In addition, a new small molecule anticancer drug has launched Phase II clinical trials in both Taiwan and the United States, and there are four other products in the preclinical stage. TaiRx is a listed company in the emerging stock market and is anticipated to apply to go public in the OTC market this year. It is hoped that in the future, TaiRx will continue to obtain funds to promote research and development, facilitate international collaborations, and expedite products to the market to benefit patients.