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Project Description


Rexis®, an injectable drug product, provides an essential element of selenium into the human body. Several early clinical studies demonstrated that the intravenous injection of selenium in patients reduce the mortality. It has been reported that selenium element can increase anti-oxidant activity, regulate humoral and cell-mediated immunity and maintain the proper immune function and thus reduce the possibility of hospital-acquired infections.

There remains no effective treatment for sepsis resulting in a high mortality. Sepsis commonly occurs in patients with compromised immune system and deteriorated healthy condition, especially in the elderly. A trend of frequent occurrence of sepsis is clearly observed in the aging population; sepsis has become a threat to human health. Rexis® is being developed as an add-on injection therapy to increase the GPx enzyme level and anti-oxidant activity for the patients suffering from sepsis.

Rexis® is currently under the pivotal Phase III clinical trial in 6 major medical centers in Taiwan. We hope to extensively reduce the high mortality of sepsis and bring the cure to patients with this devastating disease with Rexis®.