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Project Description


Rexis® is an injectable drug product that provides the essential trace element, selenium, for the human body. Several early clinical studies have demonstrated that the administration of selenium via intravenous injection can reduce the mortality in patients with sepsis. In addition, it has been reported that selenium can increase the body’s anti-oxidant activity, and modulate humoral and cell-mediated immunity to maintain balanced immune function, thereby reducing the possibility of hospital-acquired infections.

There remains no effective treatment for sepsis worldwide and high mortality rate persists. Sepsis usually occurs in patients with compromised immune system and deteriorating health conditions, which is common in the elderly. A trend of increased incidence of sepsis in the aging population is clear; sepsis has become a threat to human health. Therefore, Rexis® is being developed as an add-on injection therapy to increase the activity level of glutathione peroxidase (GPx), increase anti-oxidant capacity and regulate the immune function for patients suffering from sepsis. Once launched into the market, TaiRx anticipated that Rexis® will bring a better solution in managing sepsis in patients and increase the overall survival rate.

A Phase III clinical trial of Rexis® as an add-on therapy for patients with sepsis and septic shock (CARE-SEPS study) has been approved by the Taiwan FDA and has been initiated in seven medical centers across Taiwan.