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Project Description


CVM-1118 is a new synthetic small molecule, with high anti-cancer activity, good safety margin, and multiple mechanism of actions in targeting cancer, especially with a unique ability to inhibit vasculogenic mimicry (VM) in malignant tumor. This unique VM inhibitory effect has positioned CVM-1118 as a First-in-class drug and reported in “Science” as the first anti-VM drug entering the clinical trial stage (Science 352: 1381-1383, 2016 “Tumor’s DIY Blood Vessels”).

CVM-1118, as a next generation of oral anti-cancer drug, has less side effects than common injection chemotherapy for cancer treatments. CVM-1118 demonstrated great potential uses in breast, ovarian, colon, and liver cancer. With thorough global patent coverage, Phase I clinical evaluation of CVM-1118 has been completed in US and Asia (Taiwan), where the Phase II clinical program has also been initiated in early 2018.